Web-based platform for network monitoring and asset data analytics

Atlas architecture and main features

Global Architecture

The role of Multitel’s Atlas platform is central for critical power and cooling asset monitoring by retrieving all user data from the field to convert it into actionable information about the network, the sites, and the assets (DC Plant, Batteries, HVAC, UPS, etc.).

1. The users

Atlas applications are tailored to telecom and are accessible to managers, engineers, and technicians. The platform administrators can specify the access for Network Operations, Network Engineering, Critical Facilities Engineer, Facility Management, and Business Services (Finance, Sustainability, Marketing, Risks and Planning departments) to maximize the solution for their needs.

2. The platform

Atlas is a software platform integrating, transforming, and interpreting all the relevant data from your sites, power and cooling critical assets, and their relative connected devices to offer you one integrated view of your network, its connectivity, and its state. 

3. The network

Atlas is designed for industries like Telecommunications, Power Utilities, and Railways having to manage, develop and maintain a network. Distributed through hundreds and thousands of sites, data from monitoring power, cooling, and space infrastructures can be gathered by Atlas and made useful to users.

Atlas functionalities

Network View

The main functionality offered by Atlas is the Network View. It is an out-of-the-box, generic and powerful application showing your entire network on a map and a dynamic table. Users can explore, filter and access granular data on a specific site and asset.


Pre-configured and available in the platform or tailormade by Multitel for your specific needs, Dashboards focus on a selected set of KPIs (key performance indicators) in Telecom/IT, Power Utility and Railway networks on topics like power, cooling, and space infrastructures management.


Administrators and authorized end users can set email notifications. Following business rules, coworkers, managers, and technicians can be quickly informed of a situation needing their attention and/or intervention.


Share and communicate with others via reports that contain a list of sites, equipment, devices and sensors that fit your criteria. Printed or shared by emails with co-workers, reports are part of everyday operations, meetings, and planning activities.

Data extraction

If all your needs cannot be answered by Atlas, every action doesn’t have to be done inside the platform. Data extraction is a must-have functionality, allowing certain users to use the data in other software or IT systems. Besides user-generated files, Atlas can also be configured to systematically feed other BI or corporate information solutions via a specific API (Application Programming Interface).

Atlas administration & configuration

With a software solution like Atlas, there are different important distinction user types:

Depending on their roles, responsibilities and technical skills, system pilots will be able to perform tasks related to:

Data Source

Establish a secured connection with one or many data sources, the raw data.

Asset Management

Add/edit/delete sites and assets.


Save and reuse templates to quickly handle asset management and create standard applications like dashboards.


Define custom fields based on user and corporate needs.

Business Rules & Functions

Set parameters to help interpret the raw data, calculate values, and apply your business logic.

For Atlas administration & configuration, you can count on Multitel’s Professional Services to do the heavy work for a fast start, for quick wins and for as many informed end users as possible with supported pilots as the platform grows in importance within the organization.

Atlas data sources

Atlas can connect to smart devices as data sources with their raw data (logs and status reads from assets and sites) and can apply business rules (integration, calculation and aggregation) to generate value-added information to be used in applications.

Atlas system administrators can obtain data from different sources and methods:

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