From raw data to actionable information

One global view of your network health, status and activities with Multitel Atlas monitoring platform.

Typical applications

Designed for Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Data Centers, CATVs, Railways and more




Power Usage

Asset State
of Health


Atlas provides applications tailor made to the needs of different end-users.

Business logic

Atlas back-office enables administrators, data scientists and designers build applications for the end users.

As your own pilot of the platform, by applying your business rules you can:

Your network and devices

Atlas connects to and gathers data from your network sites and different devices, equipment, sensors.

Atlas, aligned with your IT security requirements, obtains data by:


Atlas capabilities summarized in five functionalities.

Besides the Network view, our Monitoring and Business Intelligence platform allows the configuration of applications fulfilling your needs with reports, dashboards, notifications and ways to extract the resulting data.

Network View

A visual representation of your entire network, showing assets and their statuses on a map and with a table listing. Slice & Dice through your data using the custom filters, and save to reuse preconfigured views.


You may not have time to check and read everything… That is why Notifications are crucial. Stay informed based on business rules when outside of your business parameters. An email will let you or any designated recipient know as soon as possible.


Get one global view and insights on what matters. Monitor the situation, drill-down to get details, discover trends and anomalies. Dashboards let you get insights quickly!


Obtain a list of sites, equipment, devices, sensors that correspond to your filtering and selection criteria. Print and share reports to communicate with co-workers, management or technicians on the fields. Master the details.

Data extraction

Maybe a dashboard or a report is not what you are looking for. Extract data so you can use the data in a different tool, push analysis or simply in Excel!

About Multitel

A proven record with all major North American Telcos

For more than 40 years, Multitel has been providing a wide variety of remote monitoring solutions for Telecommunications, Power Utilities, Railways and CATV operators.

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